Electric Scooters

Many people see solar powered electric scooters as the future. How green can you get? However, the technology is not there yet. Lithium ion battery can over heat, the range is limited, and batteries are expensive for electric scooters.

Using an batterry powered electric scooter may seem like fun, but it can turn out to be more expensive than a gasoline powered scooter. How is that? Well, the battery pack is only good for at most 200 cycles so you have to change it every year. I paid $100 for a new battery pack on an electric scooter after going about 300 miles. In contrast a 50cc gas scooter get 150mpg so two gallons at $3/gal means six buck for fuel. This does not count the cost for electricity.

How SMART is that? With a batterry powered electric scooter you save pennies on fuel, but pay big time for the power pack. In cars it is worse, for example, the battery pack on the Toyota Prius hybrid electric car costs $4,000 new, even at $4/gal gas that is one thousand gallons of gas. If you get a Toyota Yaris 40mpg for $10,000 versus a Prius 55mpg for $25,000 do the math. The prius is a net loss, it will never pay for itself because the battery pack is so rad expensive.


We look forward to find a solution to high gas prices.

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