Future of Electricity

Power Pole for electricity not used in the future

There are no power poles in the future. The long distance high tension wires are gone as are the tower of power, except for a few relics that still remain. We use other methods of power. Just like now we no longer rely on steam ships and steam locomotives for transportation.

However, what is the future of electricity? Well, we move to other forms of power, but just like candles are still available, some people will have electronic toys for nostalgia.

In the future other types of power are used to keep things moving. We can transmit power without wires and send energy without pipes.

So you will no longer see the giant spider web of wires that crisscross the nation with their metal posts to anchor them. The world looks different in the future. It has no highways due to teleporters and no electric poles due to new forms of power that replace the old.

Marking the future?


He how claims to know what will soon follow is he would is a fool. I can only see patterns. We still have to create the future by making things happen. For example, Thomas Edison had tp work real hard to create the electric light bulb. Otherwise, we might still be using candles.


A few years ago, many of his predictions appeared foolish, like the wireless internet, but now it seems that he had an uncanny accuracy in seeing future events. All laptops have WiFi now, but in 2000 they did not. John Titor's abilities were far greater than those of self proclaimed "futurists".

One thing that I did observe is that in the future there are no wall outlets. This is because objects have an internal power source much like batteries are used now. Few "futurists" talk about how different houses look in the days to come.
No electrical outlets in the future


Typically we cannot see the future very well. Think of the city of the future as perceived in 1950's. It was full of sleek long flying cars and robots, but no internet or cell phones.

The relics of giant metal structure still exist in the future, but electricity is replaced by other forms of energy.
Likewise the future of electricity looks very different than how people imagine it. If we could see the future and we can using remote viewing. It appears quite different than now. 

In fact, the huge metal structures are relics of a bygone age; much like the Roman aqueducts that still stand. A testament to a previous technology that is now longer used.


Expect the future to be a strange place - nothing like what we have now.

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