Future of Fuel

They call petrol -- black gold, and it certainly feels like gold when I pump that super expensive golden fluid into my car. The price of oil is now over $100 per barrel and rising. With rising industrial demand from India and China we see a world thirsty for petroleum products and future oil prices will rise.

The price at the pump is four times higher than in the year 2000, but your salary is not 4X greater. Grain based future fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel don't cut it. We are paying thru the hose.

Gasoline pump -future fuel?

We must realize that our supply of fossil fuel is limited. Trying to create ethanol and biodiesel from grain only drives up the cost of food. Not just corn flakes, but eggs and milk as animal feed in more expensive now. All this talk of hydrogen as a future fuel is smoke and mirrors. Running a hydrogen car is a lot more expensive than a battery based electric car. Electric future scooters wil allow people to travel for only a penny a mile.

It is important that we start moving away from fossil fuels now. The conversion process will take time and effort as we retool our industry to operate in a post carbon future. Here is a vision of that post carbon future.


Once we had big SUV trucks rolling down our highways. It was a time of plenty, but instead of conserving our limited natural resources we wasted them. Now we live in dire poverty on a ruin of a planet covered in waste and pollution. The great highways exist only in the dim memories of the very old.

It took a long time to move away from fossil fuels. It was hard to break our addiction to oil and gas, but now we see a post petroleum world without cars.

Once we lived in large cities that towered to the sky, but now these cities are empty and barren. The quaint little towns have no cars in them or even roads. The teleporter is used to transport people.

No jets fly over head as it is much quicker to push a button and beam to your destination. The future of fuel is that we did away with it.

Just like the old 8 track tape and the VCR, there is no car.

Telecommuting will reduce the need for the car and electric batteries the need for future fuels like ethanol and biodiesel.

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