Project Pandora - Time Travel

Andy Pero of the Montauk Project tells us about a time travel mission where he was sent back in time to help the US against the NAZI in WWII. It was called Project Southern Cross. Andy Pero brought material that allowed the US to win WWII, but in the original timeline the Germans won. This is an example of timeline editing.

Colonel Corso talks about aliens in the Roswell Incident that brought technology from the future to the US. The massive infusion of technology from the future allowed for the US to advance ahead of Russia creating the American Federal Empire that John Titor talks about.

Find out about the BEK or Black Eyed Kids.

In the 70's I was told about yet another event - Project Prometheus that allowed the US to develop the Aurora with 23rd century technology - the new slipstream tech that allows you to exit our timeline and re-enter.

BUT, the most incredible is Project Pandora.

What is Project Pandora?

Much like we helped the US against NAZI German in WWII, Other timelines are currently assisting Hugo Chavez against the US. We know the Russia is currently supplying Chavez with military equipment. China is sending billions to prop up the "bolivarian" regime.

But what you do not know, it that in another timeline, Javier Perez, the world president, decided to stop the US from invading Venezuela. HOW?

He knew that the invasion of Iraq & Iran were a prelude to the invasion of South America. Venezuela contains 11X the oil of Saudi Arabia, a little known fact outside of certain circles. The US tried to topple Chavez with a coup like they did Salvador Allende of Chile, but were not successful.

The puppet Pinochet did all his American masters wanted, but this time the US failed. The reason is Chavez got assistance from another timeline - one where the world president is Latin like he is. In theory Project Pandora is going on right now. This tampering of timelines is buisiness as usual.

Using Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator I have seen future events. The Hyper Dimensional Resonator is a radionics machine. What is a Radionics Machine? A device that allows a person to boost their latent psychic power.

I got this information in DEC 2006. In fact, I still have trouble believing it. But I was told the following, expect in 2007, a massive dollar devaluation leading to currency collapse. This triggers social unrest.

China emerges as the new world power and tells the US to leave Iraq, NOW!

The US begins a slow decline in prestige and power.


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Steven Gibbs sold me the HDR back in 2001. I use it for astral time travel. This is what I am working on.



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Astral time travel - an ability to see future events by going to the astral plane.