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Future of Prediction

Right now many future forecasters use econometric models to determine what will take place soon. This method has led banks to loan out a lot of money. OK so we are not trying to make fun of this process. However, we believe there are methods that can prove far more effective, such as remote viewing. Personally, that is what I use as well as Astral Time Travel. This can supply me with information on future events with excellent accuracy.

There is a reason why people nowadays prefer using the internet to a newspaper. Basically, it is because you do not need to wait until tomorrow's edition to find out what did take place today. With the internet you can get an instant live update of the news.

However, using remote viewing, you can look ahead many years. It is possible to see obstacles in your path and see what is in store for you. People can prepare now.

John Titor a self proclaimed time traveller from the year 2036, gave us a chronological history of future events. This I believe did change the future for us. Perhaps in ways we cannot even imagine.

In the future people may use time travel to see future events and act on this information to change their future in a positive way. This is much like you use a flash light to illuminate your path to prevent falling down a pit or tripping up.

We owe a lot to inventor Steven Gibbs, who is creator of device called the HDR, which he claims is the first commercially available time machine, we can change the future. It is not written in stone. In fact, Steven Gibbs says we can time travel to the past and change our present.

This is what I viewed with the HDR or (Hyper Dimensional Resonator)



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