Future Of Silver

When digital cameras became popular in the 90's many said that is was a fad. The pointed to the low quality grainy muddy pictures and the high price of the camera. Still, the ease of use and ease of emailing photo won many people.

So then many saw a grim future for silver. A debunker said that because we were moving out of photographic film cameras and jumping into digicams demand for this precious metal would decline. In fact, silver use has gone up every year.
photographic camera film uses silver
Silver in Future

As expected remote viewing show that in the future that silver was very expensive. It has gone from $5/oz in 2001 to over $20/oz now. Demand for silver is higher in the future than now.

Not only is silver used instead of lead in solder, but many pipe fittings can be put together with silver. Lead is a poor choice due to health consequences. This I saw using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR.

Silver is being used as an antibiotic in the future. It is effective against many resistant bacteria where traditional therapy has failed. The uses of silver are many and it is becoming more essential than ever to a rapidly advancing technology.

There are many new uses for silver in the future. This metal has the least resistance of any metal and transmits heat well. It will find more uses in high tech as we find new ways to incorporate this precious metal in our daily lives.

Silver bars are an inexpensive way to acquire this metal.

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