Future of Crime

Angry young men of the future put their energy into create not crime. We have a much better future because people are focused on helping their community. Still, it is easy to use time machines in the future to commit crimes. Distortion devices facilitate future crime because they allow criminals to disappear into the vast corridors of time. And that is why there are time cops.

crime in future

Now people fear their neighbors, but in the future people live at peace with one another. There are no criminal gangs or corrupt politicians. See Future Politicians.

The world we live in is like a pyramid. It has a lot of poor at the bottom and very few rich on top,  but in the future with mass replicators we can all live in the lap of luxury like a rich does now. However, people focus on spiritual growth, not on accumulating more material junk. For example, using the internet you can read more books than King Solomon did back thousands of years ago, but you do not feel rich.

Right now, there is an emphasis on grabbing toys, like earth is a giant sandbox. The gangsters with their fancy cars and jewelry seem like a sad joke to the people of the far tomorrow. They are not seen as anything great, but like clownish buffoons. Their bad words that rhyme a poor poetry.

Our current emphasis on getting and hording appear juvenile and dotty. We are seen as children who need to grow up.

Let us compare the now and the far future.

Now Future
Bank No money
Store People use replicator
Car Teleporter

The teleporter makes it easy for criminals to get away. Also they can time travel to the past.

It appears that the temporal enforcement commission or TEC has their hands  full. In the future there are few bad guys, but there are many ways to escape this timeline and go to another.

Paranormal researcher Patricia Ress talks about college students finding a time space portal in old Omaha, Nebraska that allows people to journey to the 1800's. Steven Gibbs told me that in Burlington, Kansas there is a portal that sends people to the 40's and 50's.

Still, using astral time travel, from what I have seen of our past maybe we do not want to go to the past. However if we do not fix our current problems then  america faces a very dark future.

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