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Future of News

Imagine if you could time travel to the future and get news before it is printed in the paper, broadcast over television, posted on the internet, or the event even happens! You can, the process is called Astral Time Travel.

We now do not need to wait until tomorrow to learn what will happen today. In fact, you can go into today knowing what will take place.

You can "remember" the future as easily as you remember what occurred yesterday. It is all stored in the matrix which exists outside of time.

John Titor a purported time traveller from 2036, gave us a blow by blow of future events. Although not all have taken place as he predicted many have.

The advantage of being aware of future events is like having a high beam in your car. You can see future problems before they happen. Ed Dames using remote viewing, a process quite distinct from astral time travel says he sees a bridge out event he calls the Killshot.

Ed Dames wants people to prepare for the Killshot, before it is too late. Using astral time travel, I have seen major wars ahead and a period known as the time of troubles. This period of peril is often called the Great Tribulation.

According to inventor Steven Gibbs, creator of the HDR, which he claims is the first commercially available time machine, we can change the future. It is not written in stone. In fact, Steven Gibbs says we can time travel to the past and change our present.

This is what I viewed with the HDR or (Hyper Dimensional Resonator)



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